Winrock International

Fellowship Number: 
Field Location: 
Kigali, Rwanda
Policy Location: 
Washington, DC
General Scope of Work: 
Multiple-use water services
Description of Organization: 

Winrock International is a nonprofit organization that works with people in the United States and around the world to empower the disadvantaged, increase economic opportunity, and sustain natural resources. Winrock matches innovative approaches in agriculture, natural resources management, clean energy, and leadership development with the unique needs of its partners. By linking local individuals and communities with new ideas and technology, Winrock is increasing long-term productivity, equity, and responsible resource management to benefit the poor and disadvantaged of the world.  The organization is currently implementing its mission through more than 125 projects in over 40 countries worldwide.

Project Description: 

Over the past five years, Winrock has developed a highly innovative Multiple-Use Water Services program.  Multiple-Use Services (MUS) is a consumer-oriented approach to water service delivery that takes people’s multiple domestic and productive water needs as the starting point for planning, financing, and managing integrated water services. Existing approaches to water service delivery typically focus on providing water for a single use – for example, drinking or irrigation.  MUS have significant advantages over single-use services: they generate greater income, health, and other benefits and enhance sustainability. Winrock is a recognized global leader on MUS, with previous, existing and planned implementation activities in seven countries in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.  Beyond implementation and research activities, Winrock has also been on the forefront of MUS advocacy and policy. (See this 2 minute animated video for a brief explanation of MUS

Winrock has an approximately $20 million MUS program in sub-Saharan Africa.  Our projects are grounded in community engagement.  We take community water needs and available water sources as our starting point in planning, designing and financing holistic water and water-related interventions. We are seeking a highly innovative and capable team player to implement quality programming and support the continued growth of the program. 

Field Placement: 

During the field year, the fellow will work on implementation and operation support of Winrock’s integrated MUS program activities in Rwanda with a focus on training and capacity building, contributing to improved livelihood and health outcomes through targeted interventions in water services and supporting programs.  Through the USAID-funded Rwanda Integrated Water Security Program (RIWSP), Winrock International is facilitating access to water for domestic and productive activities and showcasing innovative practices for improved on-farm water efficiency and climate change resiliency.

The fellow will dive deep into MUS training and capacity building activities with significant opportunities for creative and critical thinking, leadership and responsibility.  The fellow will develop, design, and refine a variety of MUS training materials with the goal of communicating the key elements of MUS and how implementers, policy-makers, and donors can leverage the MUS approach for poverty impacts. 

We are looking for a fellow who can think strategically and creatively about how to communicate the MUS approach and build collaborative capacity using a variety of media (print how-to guides, PowerPoint presentations, video and social media).  The target audiences for training and capacity building will include district government officials and local NGO partners, project field extension staff, and national and international-level policy makers.  To better understand capacity needs and opportunities, the Fellow may spend significant time with partner national or district government offices (eg. District Water Authority or Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation Unit) for short periods of time.  The fellow will refine existing training modules (half-day to 3-day courses) and help develop and pilot a train-the-trainer course for MUS.  Specific training and capacity building materials will be developed according to project needs on topics such as: private sector development, gender integration, low-cost rural water supply technologies, supply chain development, source water protection, small-scale irrigation and horticulture, hygiene promotion, and climate change resiliency.

The fellow will be expected to contribute to program activities and objectives as an integral part of the field-based team and will report directly to the Winrock Chief of Party in Rwanda.  He/she will interact on a daily basis with Winrock project directors and project partners, including local NGO and private sector partners as well as consortium partners in Rwanda with frequent opportunities to interact with project beneficiaries. 

During the field year, the fellow will gain hands-on experience and exposure to the realities of high-quality international development project management and implementation in a fast-paced environment.  This on-the-ground experience with our Rwanda RIWSP program will be directly related to the policy year in which the fellow will transition to US-based support of the same project and activity areas as well as providing support in selected areas across the entire MUS program portfolio.  

Policy Placement: 

During the policy year, the fellow will work across Winrock’s MUS programs contributing technically on training and capacity building by expanding upon the materials he/she developed in Rwanda and applying them across the MUS portfolio.  By maintaining continuity between the field and policy years, the fellow will be uniquely positioned to understand both the field- and US-based experience of international development work.

The fellow will take advantage of his/her in-depth knowledge of MUS and constraints and opportunities for training and capacity building for a range of partners and stakeholders in Rwanda by refining and testing these materials for broader application in Winrock’s MUS project portfolio and Winrock’s global MUS mainstreaming strategy.  This continuity will provide the Fellow with the opportunity to transfer knowledge and best practices with presentations to MUS practitioners and partners across Winrock’s MUS projects in Burkina Faso, Niger and Tanzania. 

During the policy year, the fellow will develop new communications and training material tailored to bilateral and multilateral donors and policy-makers.  The fellow will apply his/her knowledge of MUS and of best practices for communicating MUS to web-based and social media platforms, strategic advocacy material development (print and PowerPoint), and new business development.  The Fellow will take a leadership role in designing and implementing the second phase of a Winrock MUS webinar series and will be responsible for managing and improving the Winrock MUS website.  He/she will contribute creatively and strategically to MUS advocacy and global capacity building based on the foundational experience in the field in Rwanda.

As part of the MUS portfolio team based in the US, the fellow will be involved in day-to-day global operations work involving reporting, consultant engagement, donor compliance, and accounting.  This operations work will provide the fellow with rich exposure to the internal mechanisms essential to MUS program implementation.

The fellow will be based in Winrock’s Arlington ,VA office with possible occasional travel to the field.  The fellow will report to the Director of the Water Innovation program and will interact on a daily basis with Winrock operations staff in the US and with field staff abroad.  

Education/Experience Required: 
  • Bachelor’s degree with some higher degree work related to international development, agriculture, health, water, or environment
  • Two years of experience in international development, with at least one year based in the field, preferably related to delivery of water services for domestic or irrigation use, agriculture, and/or support of small business development is highly desired
  • Proven training, capacity building, and communications  experience, preferably using a variety of media targeted to both policy and practitioner audiences
  • Some experience with website development, webinar series, and/or social media communications.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills; ability to cultivate ideas, people, and resources and bringing them together in innovative ways to solve problems
  • Ability to respond to guidance, work collaboratively across cultures in a resource-constrained environment, and take independent initiative on discreet activity areas
  • Ability to coordinate multiple tasks; Strong operational and analytical skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Commitment to international development


  • If possible, some experience related to supporting implementation, management or evaluation of water, agriculture and/or private sector projects and programs.
  • If possible, fluency in French (Note: English is the official language of Rwanda but knowledge of French is helpful)
  • If possible, working knowledge of Kinyarwanda If possible, experience with graphic design/layout and creative communications